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Where is Havasupai? The Wondrous Secret Waterfalls of the Grand Canyon

Havasupai falls (or havasu falls) is one of the best kept secrets of natural beauty left in the United States of America. Millions of people visit the Grand Canyon ever year, but very few know about a nearby site that some say is an even greater spectacle of natural wonder. The reason that so few people know about Havasupai Falls is that it is on tribal land administered under the government of the Havasu Tribe. Since it is their tribal homeland, the Havasu tribe has complete control over who they allow to see the falls. Luckily, they allow visitors, but you will have to abide by their tribal restrictions and stay in the areas marked out for tourists.

The Havasupai Falls area can be reached by first going to Supai Village, which is the main settlement of the Havasu Tribe. This village, however, can not be reached by normal roads. You will have to hire an off road vehicle to take you there, but once you make it there, you can join a tour group to visit the Havasupai Falls. You will be led there and shown the natural wonders of the falls by a Native American of the Havasu Tribe, who will tell you the traditional history of the falls as well as the nature of the sacred relationship that the Havasu tribe has with the waters of the falls and the lands around them.

The Havasupai Falls are one of the hardest to reach natural attractions, but this means that they are pristine, and free from the signs of human visitors like graffiti, vandalism, and trash. The tribe does its best to keep the area free of pollution as well as maintain the natural beauty by their sacred rites. The falls are truly wondrous.